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You know your organization, its culture, its politics.  As outside consultants, we will never be in a position to understand the depth of complexity you have to deal with every day.  EPH Associates does know that there are some very essential, tried-and-true methods, approaches and processes that can be adapted by almost any organization to manage the constant change you are going through - while maintaining a consistent target.


Organizations invest for only three reasons:

  • Generate Revenues

  • Reduce Costs

  • Meet Regulatory/Statutory Requirements *


We help ensure that your investments remain focused and generate their expected returns!


* Even Governments, although not investing to generate revenues, are investing because of statutory obligations and/or citizen services.


Change is the consistent theme of our services.  Establish a target strategy. What changes do we need to make to reach the target?  Regulations are in state of constand flux.  Markets are constantly finding new directions.  Today's competitors (and even partners) will probably not be tomorrow's. New business models are appearing.  Technology, on which we are becoming more and more dependent, is continually evolving.


How do we act - or in many cases - react to all this change? Are changes causing organizational pain points? Are you missing opportunities because of this constant change? 


EPH Associates provides Consulting, Mentoring and Training Services to help your organization succeed in today's fast paced, ever changing, shrinking world. 


12 May 2014


Open Platform 3.0TM 


This document is a White Paper foreshadowing the development of The Open Group Open Platform 3.0TM standard. It is published to inform customers and suppliers of IT products and services, enterprise architects, and IT architects of current thinking and direction on a set of new platform capabilities that will help enterprises to reap the business benefits of Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Social Networks, and Mobile Computing.


Ed Harrington is a contributor to this publication.

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January, 2014


The Open Group Cloud Ecosystem Reference Model


This document defines The Open Group Cloud Ecosystem Reference Model and provides guidance on how to apply it with The Open Group TOGAF® and ArchiMate® standards to develop an Enterprise Architecture. It has been developed and approved by The Open Group. 


Ed Harrington contributed to the development of this Open Group Standard